feet of ‘the lovers’ at rodin
what catches your breath? her eyes are captivated by the chemistry and the art of the long lazy afternoon. she remembers little and instead focuses on the coolness of the air when she’s in the shade, the beads of perspiration gathering along her hairline as she cuts back the branches, and how every time she is outdoors she finds a way to get a smudge of dirt on her cheek, side of her thigh, back of her neck, just about everywhere. like a girl playing in the waves, she finds it easy to be absorbed by the quiet of an afternoon where there is just sun and garden and the birds and the neighborhood. she has other dreams, of course, but she knows that everything will come in time as it should. the solace of the page and the photograph and other creations are her zen, where she can make sense, at least a tiny bit, of the world that has tried to rock her core so many times. and today there is a quiet celebration in the realization of the fact that it has been weeks since she’s felt haunted. she is feeling quite as a bird does in a breeze, floating, drifting, at ease. and all she wants is to cover those who need it most with that same soft blanket. we all need our soft places to fall and too often we seem to land on something sharp. her mind is particularly drawn to something she is not sure if she’s ready to admit, but either way she now lets her instincts take the wheel. what are you willing to do for that feeling? how will you open yourself to the road ahead?

and so it goes, and so forth, and so on, as you glimpse into my world. with that i thought i’d show you a visual glimpse into the world beyond the garden…where i write from, where i babble, where i mellow out, and a few things that just make me happy to have…(inspired by the recent post over at small measure)…

my li’l house, the mulch turned yellow from the f***ing ailanthus – the sacrifice i make each year for having a cool house. found a great idea for a deck railing today so someday i’ll be up to code

where the magic happens, or at least the ganache…

my living room…typing this right now from that chair on the right, all scrunched up nicely…not terribly into leather but it’s great for cleaning up after a slobbery dog
little corner o’ heaven with my records ‘n’ books and some old brownie cameras of my gram’s
first gift i gave to myself as a homeowner…the luscious closet…a real luxury for a tiny 1925 house

first serrano pepper of the season…can’t wait for it to turn red…mild weather though will slow this all down, unlike last year when i had 3 full harvests of them! (camarones al ajillo…want some??)

one of my favorite things after a hot shower

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4 thoughts on “sundown

  1. As someone who has lived in Bangkok, i LOVE all things Thai. and so your Body Butter sounds wonderful!
    its so nice to see your pictures…. the house is beautiful!
    and im growing hot Thai dragon peppers right now!! i cannot get enough spicy food!

  2. thank you thank you!!! i wish i could have a whole pepper garden, but oregon weather means you're lucky to get what you get – last year the serranos went crazy in the heat wave, this year, i'm crossing my fingers…

    and yes ahh the smell of lemongrass not to mention how soft it makes my feet!

  3. Hello.
    I'm an English gent and I just adore your lovely abode. Would it be possible for me and my dog to book three nights bed and breakfast? We shall pay you in apples and sparkling conversation! We don't mind staying in your beautiful closet either as it looks wonderful.
    Thank you.

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