Magpie 115


thank you thank you

i live the way i want to, not the way they say to

thank you thank you

you look at me just the way you want to, not the way you’re used to

merci merci

my love is in the drop of a glass, sliding down the inside and falling onto your back

there isn’t anything quite like us
you can’t find us anywhere except right here

i thank you for your being, planted roots in my eyes and falling leaves over my pillow when i think of the way you ground me

it’s a way i see

not how you see

this week, this month…may brings the world to me, i bring myself to the world

in my own world i see the words
in your own world you gaze upon the reflection of me

how can it ever be that i’m so unknown in my smile yet so
content with wherever i sit

carry me home, take me to where you sit and dream
i am light, air, breeze, sunshine
i will give and i will receive – your reasons i keep unveiling (quietly)

each day i think – you’re home.
and i think of tales yet to be told.

thank you thank you.
mi amore.

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7 thoughts on “Magpie 115

  1. I love the vitality that shine through out your poem. This is a delightful response to the prompt. Do I say ‘thank you’ or ‘your welcome’ ? for sharing this…….

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